Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good-bye and Good Luck!

Well, this will be my last post to my Hanlon Creek blog. I intended it to end in December, but time has dragged on and I've been investing my time in my new blog, recording seasons and the landscape in the Beaver Valley -

But I thought I should make one last post indicating that the Hanlon Creek Journal is finished. Don't know how long it will sit here, but enjoy it while it does. If you're after MAPS OF THE TRAILS, you can find them in my January 2010 postings.

One of my best memories is of the trees of Hanlon Creek. Far to the southwest, along one of the less used trails, is this patch of dark tall majestic hemlock trees. As you pass beneath the trees, the forest is noticeably darker, and the trees provide the closest thing we have to a cathedral-like feeling in the forest. This was just one of my favourite places to walk on the trails.

I loved walking the trails of Hanlon Creek day after day for four years; hope you do to. And I hope we manage to protect this conservation area so it's still here generation after generation.

Good-bye and Good Luck!
The Furry Gnome


  1. Well I just come to find your blog post on Hanlon Creek and it seems it was your last post. Where is Beaver Creek in Ontario? I had a look at the mushrooms, funny but I have to agree little animals maybe placed them there to dry.
    Take care,

  2. well I called by to see your 'other' now defunct blog. Again, lovely scenes. You've combined two blogs now, where I've split up and kept hold of my Snap Happy Birding for the birds alone, and Snap Happy Online for anything else without feathers :) Thanks for visiting.

  3. Your photos are so touching. It feels like I'm walking through there trees too. It's really energetic to start something new :)